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We've Got Some Baking News For You!
What’s cooking you might ask? Oh, nothing much, just SIX new pizzas inspired by six different areas from across the globe, now in Kuwait! No biggie… we lied, it’s huge; and boy aren’t we excited to present them to you! We have united and carefully selected all these diverse and distinctive flavours under one roof just for you! (Costs less than travelling...) All the pizzas have been through several rounds of transits and have been perfectly crafted to your taste, the Italian way. The pizzas were all nominated to compete in our internal MasterChef Pizzaiolo annual competition and, even though it was a close call, one was crowned the Grand Winner of the year 2022! Really, you’re still reading? What are you waiting for? We’re waiting for you at your favourite PizzaExpress branch to give you a taste of the world today! See you there!
Taste the world today!